About AdClarity

AdClarity is a competitive media intelligence solution for the online advertising industry. Our solutions serve media buyers, sales managers, affiliates and internet professionals with a stake in online media and advertising. Our portfolio of competitive intelligence solutions provides valuable insight that enhances our clients’ marketing operations including web and mobile ad display, search, and affiliate marketing.

What Makes AdClarity Different?

Our team of media professionals knows the online advertising industry inside and out. With decades of combined experience in founding, leading, and managing ad-tech & media companies, we live and breathe the core daily challenges common to any advertising firm and its people.

More importantly, we understand you.

We know how you think, how you work, which tools help you, and what your daily objectives are. We know because we have been there.  In some ways, we still are there. We bought media, we sold media, we recruited affiliates, we operated campaigns, we built ad-servers and BI databases. We were there when the first affiliate programs launched in 1996, and we were among the first media buyers when the new ad-exchanges emerged. We were also there when the first DSPs and SSPs were introduced to the world.

Since then, we decided to do something with the vast knowledge and experience we gathered. Our contribution to improve the digital mediasphere: world class competitive media intelligence products to make a media professional’s life easier, with more robust capabilities and enriched with meaningful data to help you make the right decisions. Every time.

about us - adclarity

We are a team of dedicated media professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow. Contact us so we can share with you the secrets of online media intelligence today.