Why choosing the wrong proxy server could cost you your job!

Alright, let’s get something straight.

Think you’re getting a good deal when you’re using that “free” proxy server? (Note: that was sarcasm) Let me tell you something. For a proxy to provide unblocked internet access, a server needs a ton of bandwith to send information back and forth to the user. The thing is that bandwith costs a lot of money (and I mean A LOT)—and they need A LOT of bandwith. Plus, they need to hire maintenance, security, operations, and so forth. So why would they be spending all this money to create a FREE service? Because it’s not free. Read more


What is Media Intelligence and How Can it Improve Your Marketing?

Media intelligence is a set of tools that can reveal information about how your customers, your competitors, media publishers, and ad networks interact. It’s a lot of data crunched by intelligent software to bring you information to help reduce marketing costs, improve marketing results, and expand your business in new directions.

Developing media intelligence is something best left for the experts who can wrangle big data, aggregate data from different sources, develop algorithms, and monitor the entire market to gain knowledge that you can put to work in reducing costs and increasing profits. It could take years for the average person to come up with the information media intelligence firms have discovered.

In this article today, we’re going to look at media intelligence for marketers two key elements of media intelligence: traffic and competitor research. Read more


Is your mobile site fast enough? How to run a regression analysis to find out

So what’s the big deal about mobile? Like almost anything that gives us pleasure, it’s the instant gratification aspect of it that gets us. With just one click we can order movie tickets, check the weather, check our email, our Facebook… you get the point.

But what’s the one thing that really irks us when we’re trying to get stuff done on our phone? Let’s all say it together:


If your page takes a long time to load, your customers will get frustrated and impatient and change sites without even thinking twice. Ooops! There goes any potential revenue! Think we’re exaggerating? Think again.

We decided to see how strong the relationship (and if there even was) was between the time it takes a mobile site to load and the revenue from the corresponding e-commerce site.

You may be saying to yourself, “yeah, yeah, I get it. But HOW can I find these relationships without just making blank assumptions?”

The answer is simple. A regression analysis.

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Competitive Marketing Intelligence: The Behavioral Targeting Challenge

One of the main challenges that marketers have today is understanding their competition’s plans of action. Ideally, these would be understood from two different aspects. The high level approach entails understanding their place in terms of competitive benchmarks. On the other hand, it is beneficial to learn from competitors’ successes, mimicking the tactics that seem to work well with certain target audiences as well as paying attention to their failures, so as to avoid making the same mistakes.The current online advertising industry, however, is based on a trial and error approach. This means that if a marketer launches a new campaign, a number of operational questions must be answered regarding the target market (i.e. Which websites and countries should be targeted? What conversion tactics should be leveraged? How should the campaign be designed? etc…). Once the campaign is launched, marketers are able to optimize these specifics as they go.

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Maximizing Your Email Marketing Reach

Email marketing allows you to target your audience precisely and address your readers on a personal level. Additionally, being able to track how many people opened your email, how many people clicked a link in your email, how many people complained that your email was spam and unsubscribed and, of course, whether your email even made it into your recipient’s inbox, allows you to get real-time feedback on what is working and not working with your email campaigns, saving you time, money, and effort.

Today’s blog will be the first in a series of how to perfect your email marketing strategy. Together, we’ll be able to improve our email marketing campaigns to make them as effective as possible.


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Real-Time Bidding- What is it and why should I care?

The problem with traditional display advertising is that it has become an inefficient and costly process, both for advertisers and publishers. Publishers aren’t able to sell most of their inventory (about 70%) and the inventory they do sell is sold for way too low a cost. Advertisers on the other hand, are also losing money through CPM deals as not every impression is made equal. Different impressions have different values and many times “advertisers lose by not generating a good ROI on their display marketing budgets primarily because the impressions are not targeted and majority of impressions are delivered to visitors who do not match the target profile of the advertiser, not to mention lost impressions which aren’t visible to users while being served below the fold or in rarely visited pages on the publisher site.”[1]

So what’s the solution? Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

Real-Time Bidding is an automated advertising process which lets publishers sell ad impressions through an ad exchange or DSP platforms. Each impression is sold individually to an advertiser as it becomes available, all in real time. In addition to being supplied with user data, the advertiser can make a bid per impression which improves ad targeting and allows for a more efficient and effective advertising campaign. Read more


Using Media Intelligence to Optimize Your ROI

Don’t spend more – spend smart

Marketeers are always looking for ways to cut back on their spend. The amount of time and money it takes to plan an effective campaign is enormous. You must go through tons of planning, a/b testing and failures to even find out something as simple as who your real target audience is. At the end, the longer you plan, the longer you’re not in the right marketplace and that means that you’re losing potential revenue, someone could introduce a similar idea before you do, and you can fall out of step. So why do advertisers continuously spend tons of resources planning every single move and strategy from scratch when they could be building off the success of their competitors and avoiding their failed initiatives? Read more


Forget everything you know about beating the competition

Different is where the money is. 

In the advertising industry, one of the most fundamental objectives in all businesses is beating your competition. To do this, you must devote an incredible amount of time and energy in understanding who your competitor is, where they are advertising, who their target audience is and pretty much understand every single move your competitor is making at all times. Read more


New Ways B2B Advertisers Can Generate Quality Leads

As a B2B Advertiser, you have tried it all: search marketing, display ads, social networks, webinars, sponsorships, content marketing, events, and optimizing your own websites. But your KPIs demand more leads, your sales team requires more qualified leads, and you are faced with a dilemma: you need new ways to generate a high volume of high-quality leads. Read more