Like Likes, Love Leads

Social Media. These two words seem to be relatively self-explanatory: a media outlet that allows for social interaction. But, as we all know, it’s really so much more.

The year is 2004. A young Harvard student launches a website that would eventually change the world – but he had no idea at the time. Fast-forward 10 years, and we live in a completely different place. The website he launched has morphed into a social network that is utilized by over one billion people worldwide. Read more


Part 1: The Integration of Marketing Intelligence Tools

This is part 1 in 5 part series on how you can integrate different marketing intelligence tools to gain the best insights possible.

There are tons of Marketing Intelligence tools out there, but are you really utilizing them to the fullest? I’m talking about really understanding the insights you gain from the platforms and being able to approach them from different perspectives. This blog is part 1 in a 5 part series that will show you exactly how you can gain an overview of your ecosystem and a better understanding of your insights.

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What is Competitive Intelligence in Marketing?

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “competitive intelligence” thrown around and wondered what exactly it meant. Competitive intelligence is simple: it’s the process of collecting data about your environment so you can make the best educated business decisions. The data you collect becomes intelligence you harbor to gain a competitive edge.

However, there is much more to competitive intelligence in marketing than this – there are plenty of theories and ways of gathering intelligence. Here’s a guide to help you understand competitive intelligence and why it’s important to your marketing efforts.

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Ad Exchanges Vs. Ad Networks

We’re here to help you navigate the often confusing world of advertising. The current online display ad marketplace is significantly more fragmented and complex compared to the advertising marketplaces of the past. When ads are available on a global scale in a marketplace as big as the internet, mechanisms must come into place to help simplify it for buyers and sellers. Thus, the invention of ad networks and ad exchanges came to be. So what are ad networks and ad exchanges anyway?

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Ad Injections 101

Have you ever downloaded a file off the internet? You know what I’m talking about. When you have the “run” and “install” pop-ups and the 5 million page terms and conditions that none of us EVER read.[1] Well… if you’re downloading these kind of apps on your work computer and then doing QA or checking geo-targeted ads and content, then you may be giving completely inaccurate information to your clients. No. You are definitely giving completely inaccurate information to your clients.

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New Feature: Customized Insights Reports

Many of you have shown an interest in having us generate special competitive and ad-intelligence reports spanning on specific verticals, competitors, and categories.

Now, you can find out the top publishers your competitors are working with, uncover their campaign strategies, discover the strategies behind the top 5 or even 100 leading companies in your industry, and much more!

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Real time bidding for dummies

Real Time Bidding For Dummies

Since 2002, when Real-time Bidding (RTB) came into existence, the online advertising industry has been revolutionized. Unlike traditional online display advertising, which proved too inefficient and costly (for all players in the field), Real time bidding shows the right ads to the right people at the right time. The real problem in regards to the traditional methods were that advertisers were using a CPM model to buy their impressions; which means you are buying a bulk of impressions for the same price per unit, even though each impression has a different value. For publishers, this was inefficient because they were unable to sell up to 70% of their inventory, and the inventory that they did sell was sold for way below the market value.

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