Transparency in Programmatic – Do we need it?

Programmatic buying: you’ve heard the term, you know its trendy, but you don’t know what it is, ...
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Why Big Data is Bullshit

I have a problem. A huge problem. And I can’t seem to get away from this problem because ...
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predictive marketing

Digital Marketing in 2015: Predictive Marketing

The entire purpose of collecting, aggregating, monitoring, tracking, and analyzing customer data is to have a better ...
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Digital Marketing in 2015: y≠ax+b

Over and over again it has been repeated that today’s marketing teams and brands must be customer ...
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Digital Marketing in 2015: Omni-Channel Marketing

When it comes to omni-channel marketing, the argument that the customer is king is more powerful than ...
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Digital Marketing in 2015: Hyper-Personalization with Display Ads

Customers are no longer apathetic about their digital purchasing experience; they want it to be personalized and ...
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Digital Marketing in 2015: Contemplating Content & Native

There is no question that content is one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy ...
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Digital Marketing in 2015: The Death of the Funnel

It’s no wonder that the traditional purchase funnel (aka marketing funnel) is no longer relevant to today’s ...
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The Evolution of Programmatic Buying: Marketing Intelligence

I could not conclude this series without essential tips and tricks as to how you can enhance your ...
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