The Challenge

Prior to using AdClarity, our client was facing several points of frustration:

* Their competitive intelligence process was a very manual and tedious process

* They were spending a lot of money on ad placements that did not fit their demographics

* They had no way of seeing what their competitors were doing in terms of new campaigns, new display ads, new publishers, and new offerings

The Move to Marketing Intelligence

This client moved to AdClarity because they believed this tool would help them be more efficient, save money, create better results, and be more competitive.

In fact, it did all this and more.

Competitive Intelligence

With AdClarity, this client was able to perform competitive intelligence in a timely and efficient manner. They were able to uncover their competitors’ marketing strategies: which publishers they were advertising on, which campaigns they were running, what their creatives looked like, what offerings they were providing, and much more.

Through this competitive intelligence, our client was able to build off of their competitors’ successes and avoid their failures. They saved time and money on A/B testing and ineffective campaigns.

Email Alerts

With AdClarity’s email alerts, the client was now being notified every time their competitor launched a new campaign, advertised on a new site, or when a publisher they were interested in started using a new advertiser.

In one specific case, a heavy equipment publisher that the client was extremely interested in started working with a new advertiser. After the client got notified about this, they were able to delve into the marketing strategy of this new advertiser and see where else they were publishing their ads. The client then used these new sites to extend their own reach and grow their target audience.

The Results

* Improve their digital marketing strategy

* Increase their click-through-rates

* Lower their cost-per-acquisition

* Extend their reach to new target audiences

* Target their ads at their exact audiences

* Gain competitive intelligence

* Be updated about any changes in the ecosystem

  • Case Study

    Steve Godlewski
    Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist

    “AdClarity gave us such incredible results! It really made display a feasible investment and revolutionized the way we do digital advertising.”

    Company: Multi-Billion Dollar Fortune 50 Manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines, and a wide offering of related services.

    Region: Global

    Employees: 100,000

    Industry: Heavy Equipment, Engines, Financial Services

    Revenue: $65.87 billion