Accounts & Billing

My trial has ended, how can I continue service?
Once your trial ends, you can sign up for AdClarity by speaking to one of our Account Managers. Simply contact us when you are ready to move forward.
Is it possible to have one account for multiple users at my company?
The number of users per account depends on your package. Please see the pricing page for further information.

Terminology and Calculations

What is a Mediator?
A mediator is an entity that is involved in the deployment of a campaign, but is not the advertiser or the publisher. Mediators can be ad networks, affiliate networks, agencies, exchanges, and any other "middlemen" involved with a campaign.
What is statistical share/share of voice?
The statistical share, or share of voice, is the part of the total advertising space available occupied by the given entity. For example, when looking at a specific advertiser, you can see the list of campaigns run by that advertiser and their statistical share. A statistical share of 58% for a given campaign means that of all the times AdClarity has come across this advertiser, 58% of the occurrences were of this particular campaign.
How accurate is the information that we see in AdClarity?
The AdClarity infrastructure monitors sites and extracts information from them about the campaigns displayed, their advertisers, and the mediators involved in their deployment. We are programmed to monitor sites regularly and extract all of the information possible. We are constantly improving our monitoring and extraction algorithms to improve our accuracy. If you notice known discrepancies, please let us know by contacting us. We will use this information to improve the entire system.
How often do you scan sites?
The publishing sites we monitor are scanned regularly to extract the most accurate and updated information. Our system is programmed to process statistical information about each site and derive the optimal scan frequency for each site. Therefore, each site is scanned the correct number of times given its audience, traffic, and other information.
Can we increase the frequency a certain site is being scanned?
If you sense that particular sites are not being scanned frequently enough, we encourage you to let us know. We will have our statisticians review the set formulas and make a determination about increased monitoring frequency.

How does it work?

What does AdClarity do?
AdClarity gives full visibility and transparency to the display advertising eco-system. This means that virtually any information about campaigns, their creatives, their advertisers, their publishers, and the mediators in between is revealed by our system.
Does AdClarity require complex integrations?
No. AdClarity is a SaaS application and does not require any integrations at all. Simply log in and start uncovering hidden information about your own advertising and that of your competitors.
Does AdClarity support text ads? Video ads?
In its current version, AdClarity covers display advertising only. In future releases, other types of ads will also be covered.

Special Requests

How can I add more sites to be included in AdClarity?
Select the Publisher tab. Below the search box, there is a link to "Submit New Publishers." By clicking it, you will be prompted either to input the URL of the publisher that you would like to add, or to upload a csv file with a full list of publishers. We will inform you once your desired sites have been added to the system.
Can I add a specific ad network to AdClarity?
You can request additional ad networks by contacting us. We may need to ask you for more information or examples as we initially locate this network. Once it is in the system, information about your desired network will be updated automatically.
Can I add an advertiser to AdClarity?
You can request additional advertisers by contacting us. We may need to ask you for more information or examples as we initially locate this advertiser. Once it is in the system, information about your desired advertiser will be updated automatically.
Can I remove my own site from AdClarity?
Because AdClarity provides visibility and transparency, we cannot remove sites from our system. If you are worried about competitors uncovering information about your site, we suggest that in this case, the best defense is a good offense. Use AdClarity to find information about your competitors' sites first!
Is it possible to add another country to AdClarity?
We are constantly upgrading our infrastructure to include new locations. If a particular location is important to you, please contact us to let us know.
Is it possible to save a report?
The full version of AdClarity includes an option to export any data to a CSV file.