Ad Networks:

Use Media Intelligence to expand your reach in the digital world by growing your ad inventory, recruiting new clients, and optimizing your online media campaigns.


Gain the Media Intelligence you need to lower your test budget, grow your reach, increase brand awareness, and launch a campaign that will bring you the results you want. 


Grow your client base by offering the best placement’s for your clients’ ads, find new advertisers to work with, sell more inventory, and find new business opportunities.


Know what’s going on in your client’s industry and make data-informed decisions with confidence so that they can launch the best online campaigns, creatives, and offerings.


Find New Traffic Sources

Uncover your competitors’ online marketing strategies to see which traffic sources work best for them. Then, implement those successful traffic sources into your own media plan and increase your bid on those that matter most. Avoid spending money on traffic sources that don’t work.

Generate Quality Leads

Generate quality leads by understanding what works best for your target audience. Uncover the best performing publishers, websites, creatives, messaging and landing pages within your industry and get the results you want without wasting resources on campaigns that don’t work.

Extend Your Reach

No matter what role you play in the online advertising industry, AdClarity can help you extend your reach and increase your client base. See who your competitors are working with to reach new target audiences, acquire relevant advertisers, and increase your ROI.

Unlock the World

Find new successful traffics sources and uncover untapped markets that show a promising direction in order to increase your global reach, brand awareness, and discover new target audiences.

Increase Conversions

Improve your opportunity closing rate by understanding what works and what doesn’t in your industry. Build on the successful traffic sources and media buying plans that work for your competitors and avoid their failures.

Lead the Industry

Know what’s happening in the industry before your client’s or competitors do. Use AdClarity’s real-time alerts to stay updated about any change in your industry or in your competitors’ media strategy.


Galia Reichenstein

“With AdClarity we’ve managed to leverage our presence in the primary markets we operate in and been able to discover more yielding traffic sources targeted to our offers’ audience segments. AdClarity shines the spotlight on the partners we need to focus on recruiting.”

Galia ReichensteinVP Marketing, Marimedia ltd.
Naama Miller

“AdClarity is a great tool that enables us to explore the wide eco-system of online advertising.  The tool is very friendly and gives us quick and clear visibility into existing and new opportunities.”

Naama MillerVP Media, Matomy Media Group
Ron Tsadikov

“My team has been using the AdClarity toolbar for the past few months and we have found a great advantage in using this product. One of the media buyer’s greatest challenges is finding good quality leads. By using AdClarity, they can extract never-ending lists of leads and relevant publishers they can profile and approach to bring in as new managed publishers.”

Ron TsadikovHead of Media Buying Team, MediaShakers
Art Kerry

“AdClarity is a great tool for anyone active in the advertising space. It provides my company easy access to relevant campaigns, landing pages and other promotional data all contained on one platform with very knowledgeable support staff at hand. It has helped our company grow and has given us a leg up on our competitors.”

Art KerryNetwork General Manager, Mobooka


“AdClarity tells advertisers exactly what the competition is up to.”

– TechCrunch

“AdClarity’s new toolbar should be an essential weapon in every online marketer’s arsenal.”

– Search Engine Journal

“Intuitive display advertising intelligence for publishers, advertisers and ad networks.”

– Web Analytics World

Our Competitive Media Intelligence Technology

Driven by Big Data, AdClarity deploys high end media collection and processing algorithms as well as an advanced behavioral data collection platform.

Spanning multiple advertising channels (display and mobile), we uncover new, in-depth insights about the world of online advertising.

Our multilayer technology stack is comprised of millions of virtual agents that carry real user profiles which constantly interact with and collect advertising content from more than 5M web pages across 20 geographies worldwide.

  • Big Data Analysis

    We collect big data from display and mobile online advertising channels on an ongoing basis. We create accurate, timely insights that enable you to make intelligent game-changing decisions for your media strategy.

  • Virtual Agent Technology

    A unique virtual agent technology deployed with millions of different user profiles to expose behaviorally targeted ads.

  • Behavioral Content Discovery

    We imitate real user behavior to uncover highly targeted ads on public websites as well as UGC oriented sites.

  • Statistical modeling

    Lead by world experts in knowledge discovery in databases (KDD), our proprietary algorithms can analyze, spot patterns, and predict trends from large advertising data sets.

  • Real time Data

    Real time data and insights enable you to act on up-to-date market shifts and trends.