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Intuitive Display Advertising Intelligence for Publishers, Advertisers and Ad Networks
These are the two things I like most about AdClarity: the usability is very intuitive while the insights are actionable and, if used well, seriously revenue generating.
AdClarity Enhances Media Intelligence Platform With New Toolbar
Ultimately, AdClarity’s new toolbar should be an essential weapon in every online marketer’s arsenal, and if you’re not already one of AdClarity’s 7,000 professional clients, it’s time to seriously consider using their technology. If you want to truly outperform your competitors, the first step is investing in a user-friendly, comprehensive competitive intelligence tool, and with the new toolbar, AdClarity has just what you need.
AdClarity Leads Competitive Intelligence Charge with New Toolbar
AdClarity . . . offers its clients valuable insights into the campaigns of their direct competitors in order to help strengthen online marketing strategies.
AdClarity Improves Competitive Intelligence With New Toolbar
With its impressive new features and ease of use, AdClarity’s competitive intelligence toolbar should be a staple in every online marketer’s repertoire.
How to Monitor your Competition with AdClarity
AdClarity is simple and easy to use toolbar that is packed with high intelligence algorithms to monitor and report competitive activities.
AdClarity – Best Media Intelligence Tool Reviewed!
AdClarity spy tool delivers media intelligence like no other service out there.
Media Intelligence and Display Advertising Strategies Made Simple
AdClarity . . . is the latest technology providing a new wave of browsing insights to marketers and online advertisers.
HOW TO: Spy on Your Competitors and Stay Ahead
In order to stay ahead of the competition, one should . . . spy or focus on their competitors.
AdClarity Display Media Intelligence: Competitive Intelligence Made Easy
AdClarity, simply put can be defined as the “intelligence engine” to gather competitive data to help you make the best decision when running your display marketing campaigns.
AdClarity Online Media Marketing Platform
AdClarity is an advertising tool that helps users maximize their use of online marketing strategies and media.
Expose the Display Media World with AdClarity
AdClarity is what it claims to be – “clear interface for advertisements through which advertisers and publishers can gain optimally”.
How to Spy on Your Competitor’s Ad Campaigns
One of the most advanced and user friendly platforms for performing ad campaign research, is the AdClarity service.
Using AdClarity Online Competitive Intelligence to Spy on the Competition
Discover what you can find out about your competitors… but also what YOUR COMPETITORS can find out about YOU!
AdClarity Review – Awesome New Display Advertising Spy Tool!
Just like their name, they make online display advertising extremely clear and give you a ton of insight into what your competitors are doing.
Find New Advertisers By Looking At Your Competitors’ Advertisers
Overall AdClarity is a great Online Media Monitoring service you should try if you want to be ahead of your competitors.
Spy on the Competition with AdClarity
"You are now armed with more information and that can give you a competitive advantage. "
Feb.17.2012 – Discover Marketing Strategies is a new service that will tell you what other companies similar to yours are doing to promote themselves over the internet.
AdClarity Tells Advertisers Exactly What The Competition Is Up To
"With AdClarity... you can see exactly where a campaign ran, which mediators were used, and what the ad creative looked like."