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Our products are designed for online media professionals. With our product suite, you will:
  • Cut your online advertising testing budget
  • Decrease manual research time
  • Identify new business and partnership opportunities
  • Lower campaign risks
  • Increase your margin
  • Improve your online customers engagement
The competitive media intelligence solution for advertising professionals
Instantly uncover any advertiser, mediator and publisher's online strategy
AdClarity is the premier SaaS solution for online advertizing automated tracking and analysis. With AdClarity, you can explore any site, brand, mediator, and even campaign, and get a complete perspective of its online activity. To research categories of brands and campaigns, you can browse through a list of all active entities. AdClarity enables you to track your own media plan, uncover the strategy of your competitors, monitor trends, act upon business opportunities, and so much more.

AdClarity is unique in its approach to gathering data and displaying actionable insights. With the AdClarity perspective, you know how your own campaigns are deployed, what your competitors are doing, who in the industry works with whom, and what entities are doing. With AdClarity, you get full transparency on the entire eco-system of online media and advertising.

What's in it for online media professionals?
  • Reveal your competitors' online strategy.
  • Uncover top traffic sources.
  • Reveal top advertisers, top publishers, and top agencies & networks.
  • Monitor trends in real time
  • Avoid bad traffic sources
  • Unveil knowledge to enable negotiation of optimal terms for media plans
  • Be alerted to exciting business opportunities
GeoSurf™ is a Premium Proxy Toolbar that enables users to access Premium Proxy Servers in 90+ global locations.
  • Toolbar Simplicity: GeoSurf Toolbar is straight-forward and easy to use. Users immediately begin surfing geotargeted ads and web content like a local user. Surf like a local user without being local. Anyone planning or operating campaigns in multiple geographical areas can save time and money by doing all of their research, QA, testing, validating, and monitoring all over the world with GeoSurf.
  • 90+ Global Locations: Currently, there are GeoSurf™ gateways in 65 Countries and 26 US Designated Market Areas, and we are constantly adding more.
  • Fast, Secure, and Reliable: Our proprietary Automatic Bandwidth Optimization technology ensures that each user gets the fastest possible connection from each gateway on our premium proxy network. Because we own all of the servers on our premium proxy network and host them in Tier 1 backbone data centers around the world, all of our users experience a totally secure browsing experience. Our network boasts the highest levels of reliability, availability, and security. We sign legally binding agreements with our customers that their search history or any other data will never be released or used for any purpose.
  • Unveil Actionable Insights: The GeoSurf Plus feature enables users to explore the eco-system of display advertising. Easily unveil the brands, advertisers, and campaigns published on sites, including banners and stats. Uncover the mediators (networks, exchanges, affiliates, etc) involved in deploying campaigns. Plus, we will promptly add your requested sites for online media buying analyses and online media planning insights that will ensure our software propels your online media business
Surf Locally...without being local on your Smartphone
  • Access the GeoSurf Proxy for Mobile Phones from your iOs and Android device to get the local perspective from anywhere.
  • Keep control of your campaigns while you are on the go.
  • Check out the App Store and Android Market from the mobile proxy as if you are from different locations to see app rankings and geotargeted content and ads.
  • Access your applications (and your competitors'!) as if coming from different locations to perform QA and view geotargeted content and advertising.
  • Follow funnels to ensure all targeting is functioning properly.
  • Use your smartphone with our proxy software to scope out your geotargeting competition in 50+ locations.

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