Why AdClarity?

Check out some of the most common questions our clients ask us before, during, and after the sales process. If you don’t see your question, contact us and we’ll get back to you immediately with an answer.

In short, can you summarize what AdClarity is?


AdClarity is a media intelligence tool for anyone who works in the online advertising industry. Regardless if you are an Advertiser, Agency, Publisher, or Ad Network, AdClarity can provide you with the actionable insights you need to create the best possible online media campaigns for you or your clients.

By uncovering your competitors’ online media strategies, you can discover new traffic sources or publishers to work with, see which traffic sources are most successful, see what the best creatives, landing pages, offerings, and campaigns are, and extend your own reach by discovering untapped markets and audiences, growing your own client base, and increasing brand awareness.

Is AdClarity relevant for me if I am not currently doing display?


Although AdClarity is designed solely for display media, we believe that it can be of use to anyone who wishes to uncover what their competitors are doing in order to create their own marketing strategy. Additionally, through AdClarity, you can see if you should be doing display by observing what others are doing in the industry.


Do you sell my data to a third-party service?

We honor our clients’ privacy. We absolutely do not sell any of your information to any other provider or service, regardless of what product you are using.

What countries does AdClarity cover?

AdClarity currently covers 19 countries and are always working on adding more.


Do you sell traffic?

AdClarity does not sell traffic as it is not a buying platform.

What does the statistical share mean?

The statistical share is a share of voice. Depending on the report, statistical share means what was the percentage in which an entity was detected.

Can you track CPC, PPC, CPL, PPS, CPA and Google Search?

AdClarity doesn’t provide tracking for CPC, PPC, CPL, PPS, CPA or Google Search but rather tracks traffic sources, campaigns, creatives, and eCPM.

Can you detect FaceBook ads, other social platforms, and AdRoll?

No, our system detects campaigns that are displayed on publisher sites. Solutions for AdRoll and social are in our immediate future.

Do you show mobile display and in-app display?

We currently offer AdClarity for mobile web and are working on several in-app solutions.

How often do you track publisher sites in each country?

AdClarity tracks publishers several times a day on a daily basis. We update the data every 24-48 hours.

How do you determine which publishers to track?

AdClarity’s mapping team goes into all main verticals and chooses the top sites concerning the number of campaigns and traffic. In addition, AdClarity clients have the ability to upload any publisher that is not visible and add them to their searches.

If I’m in the Casual Gaming industry, does AdClarity pertain to me?

It absolutely does! AdClarity is the leading BI solution for the casual gaming industry. See what AdClarity can do for you here.

What is the time commitment for the AdClarity service?

There are several packages that are available and can be tailor fit to the client’s needs. Packages can range from monthly commitment to annual commitments.

How does the technology behind AdClarity work?

We collect, process, analyze, and aggregate advertising data, monitoring it through various data transitions points. To find out more about our technology, please visit our technology page.

Can I add new advertisers and mediators? If so, what is the time frame?

Clients can easily add any publisher they want in one click of a button. The average time to see results can be in just a few days.

In addition, our technology and smart agents do allow for us to add advertisers and mediators based on the client’s needs and desires. Time estimates are dependent on each specific entity.

Do you offer extensive training for AdClarity?

Yes! We pride ourselves in our customer service and our commitment to our clients. We ensure that each department knows the best way to utilize AdClarity for their specific needs.

I work in the gambling industry. How much can AdClarity help me?

Well, if you want to discover thousands of new publishers and advertisers to work with every day and see what offering works best, then AdClarity is the perfect solution for you. See what AdClarity can do for you here.

Can I export the creatives?

Yes, you can export the creative of any campaign, publisher, or advertiser you are interested in to have immediate access to it for your own design team.

Read more about this feature here.

Do you provide some sort of report that can summarize everything I need?

Yes, we offer the Insights Reports, which come in a variety of packages. The Insights Reports is an incredible service as it provides you with all the information you need on a silver platter. Find out the top tens, get a comparison report, and much more. Get more information about the Insights Reports here.

Can I find out the best way to create a unique landing page or creative according to my industry?

AdClarity lets you uncover what the most successful landing pages and creatives are in order for you to understand what works and what doesn’t in the industry. Additionally, AdClarity let’s users export creatives so that they can have it on hand to make immediate changes.

Is AdClarity useful for companies in the travel industry?

AdClarity provides all the information out there about the travel industry. See which campaigns are trending amongst your competitors or where you should be running your ads on. See what AdClarity can do for your travel business here!

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