AdClarity Offer Terms

The AdClarity subscription license (the "Offer") provides eligible customers with the following usage amounts of AdClarity:

Unlimited queries, reports, and usage.

All users/companies who are new to AdClarity are eligible for the Offer. Once your subscription expires, your account access will be paused. If you elect to continue service by paying for the service, your account will be reinstated with all of its stored alerts and customizations.


• The Offer is only available to new AdClarity customers. You are eligible for the Offer if you have never used AdClarity.
• There are no hidden charges, connection fees or download costs associated with the Offer.
• Your account may be terminated at any time if we determine that you are not eligible for the Offer.
• You will not be eligible for the Offer if you or your organization create(s) more than one account to receive additional benefits under the program.
• You can access the system at any time during your trial period.
• An email notification will be sent before the expiration of your Offer.


• New benefits added to the trial program will be available to you for the remainder of your trial period. The addition of new benefits will not extend your trial period of existing AdClarity customers who are already participating in the Offer.
• We may stop accepting new registrations for the Offer at any time.
• At any point during the Offer, you can choose to upgrade to the fully paid service by contacting our Customer Support team at or +972-3-604-0622.

Licensing and Liability

• AdClarity warrants that it has authority to license the System.
• AdClarity shall not be liable to the Customer or any third party for loss, claim or damage arising from the using the application and the Customer shall indemnify and keep indemnified AdClarity in respect of any such loss, claim or damage.
• AdClarity will not be liable whether in contract, tort (including Negligence) or otherwise for any indirect loss or damage (including any consequential loss or loss of profits) suffered or incurred by the Customer arising out of or in connection with this Free Trial offer.

Intellectual Property and Confidentiality

• The Customer acknowledges that the Intellectual Property Rights in AdClarity and all associated Documentation belong to AdClarity and /or its partners and affiliates.
• The Customer will not reproduce, translate, adapt, reverse engineer, vary or modify the AdClarity data, application, documentation, or any part of them.
• The Customer will:
a) take all reasonable steps to ensure the non-disclosure and confidentiality of the AdClarity data, application, and documentation until the same is in the public domain through no fault of the Customer;
b) ensure that its officers and employees and agents do not disclose or copy any part of the data, application, and documentation;
c) not transfer, assign or otherwise deal in the AdClarity data, application, and documentation or the Customer’s rights under this Offer;
d) maintain all copyright notices on the AdClarity data, application, and documentation;
e) notify AdClarity in writing immediately if it has knowledge of the existence of any circumstances which may suggest that any person may have unauthorized knowledge, possession or use of the AdClarity data, application, and documentation.
• The Customer’s obligations under the clause will survive termination of the trial offer.

AdClarity reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to withdraw or to modify this Offer and/or the Free Trial Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice and with no liability.