Using Media Intelligence to Optimize Your ROI


Don’t spend more – spend smart

Marketeers are always looking for ways to cut back on their spend. The amount of time and money it takes to plan an effective campaign is enormous. You must go through tons of planning, a/b testing and failures to even find out something as simple as who your real target audience is. At the end, the longer you plan, the longer you’re not in the right marketplace and that means that you’re losing potential revenue, someone could introduce a similar idea before you do, and you can fall out of step. So why do advertisers continuously spend tons of resources planning every single move and strategy from scratch when they could be building off the success of their competitors and avoiding their failed initiatives?

Stop planning – start studying

If you are an advertiser, you probably know that Google Search  is one of the most popular forms of advertising on the internet. Thousands of businesses use Google Search ads every day to promote their campaigns, products, and services. But how do these brands use Google Search to optimize their campaign performance? In all honesty, much of the work behind the campaigns is pure guesswork. Advertisers rarely know if their campaigns will draw a potential customer in to fill out a form or subscribe to a service. So how do companies produce winning ads with a high quality score? Let’s take Marketo, for example. Say you’re the marketing manager at Marketo and you are about to launch a campaign. You have probably invested in a lot of expensive and comprehensive research on A/B testing (or a lot of fails). You launch your campaign and mismatch your target audience. You launch it again and realize your creative is not attracting the right crowd. This goes on and on for months until you figure out exactly how to optimize your campaign. Even the biggest brands with the most resources will often go through a six month period where they have to constantly optimize their campaigns and creatives in order to find the most successful keywords, ad texts, creatives and bids. During these six months, huge amounts of resources are exhausted just to discover that the campaign is not working as planned; perhaps they reached a target audience that is interested in the product but is not ready to purchase it yet or maybe the publisher that the advertiser was using is not producing expected results. The brand may plan relentlessly and may think they know exactly how to manipulate their campaign and still their results would be minimal.

What if we told you

There was a way to avoid that six month sluggish period, and rather than starting your campaign from scratch, you would already know where to publish your ads, who your ripe target audience is, what is the optimized cost of a bid, and what type of creative to use?

Use Online Media Intelligence

Online Media Intelligence helps you build on your competitors’ successful campaigns, find out which publisher site converts best, target your ads effectively, and, ultimately, reach more of your advertising goals with a higher ROI. Instead of spending more, you’ll be ableto use online media intelligence to start spending smart.

What now?

With AdClarity you’ll be able to utilize all of your competitors’ expensive and comprehensive optimizations and A/B testing to find out what their failed campaigns were all about and avoid those same mistakes.gains and benefits

Increase your marketing ROI

With the use of AdClarity’s online media intelligence, you’ll be able to avoid the six month optimization period of wasting invaluable resources such as time, budgets and man power. By using AdClarity you’ll be able to launch a successful online campaign that sets you apart from your competitors and gives you a competitive advantage.


About AdClarity

AdClarity is a Marketing Intelligence tool which provides online marketers with actionable insights about their competitors’ advertising activities. Driven by big data and proprietary behavioral content discovery technology, AdClarity unveils brands’ campaigns, ad creatives, impressions, and spend data across multiple channels, including Display, Mobile Web, Mobile Apps and Video. Data is collected across 20 geographies and covers over 50M URLs daily while discovering over 40K new campaigns every day. The AdClarity product suite is used by over 7,000 media and advertising professionals globally in Fortune 500 Brands, Agencies, Ad Networks, and Publishers.


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