What Is Marketing Intelligence and How Can It Improve Your Advertising?


Marketing Intelligence is a set of tools that can reveal information about how your customers, your competitors, media publishers, and ad networks interact. It’s a lot of data crunched by intelligent software to bring you information to help reduce marketing costs, improve marketing results, and expand your business in new directions.

Developing Marketing Intelligence is something best left for the experts who can wrangle big data, aggregate data from different sources, develop algorithms, and monitor the entire market to gain knowledge that you can put to work in reducing costs and increasing profits. It could take years for the average person to come up with the information Marketing Intelligence firms have discovered.

In this article today, we’re going to look at Marketing Intelligence for marketers two key elements of Marketing Intelligence: traffic and competitor research.

Discover New Target Audience

Marketing Intelligence can help you discover new traffic sources, evaluate publishing networks, and find ways to reach your audience. For the average business owner or digital advertiser, doing this alone is simply not feasible. There are thousands and thousands of traffic sources and finding those that relate to your business is extremely difficult. Marketing Intelligence specialists have invested lots of time and energy in developing big-data tools that provide these insights.

Finding new traffic sources via Marketing Intelligence can:

  • Expand your customer base effortlessly
  • Reduce advertising expenses immensely
  • Enable you to negotiate with publishers wisely

Without Marketing Intelligence, you’re left in a vulnerable position. With no insider information, you’re at risk for being an easy target for ad networks or publishers who might overcharge you and don’t care if waste money on markets that won’t bear fruit.

Research Your Competitors

Marketing Intelligence can help you find out what your competitors are doing, from what ads are successful, to finding new partners or markets. While the average person can go online and “see” what the competitor is doing, Marketing Intelligence tools leverage hard-won data analysis and complex algorithms to discover more than just what anyone can see on the surface.

Use competitor research via Marketing Intelligence and your business can:

  • Emulate the best campaigns and profit from competitor trial & error
  • Learn from the worst campaigns and avoid similar losses
  • Compete for advertising space with insider information
  • Find new traffic sources in a covert way

Without Marketing Intelligence, you’ll have to start each campaign from scratch and learn from your mistakes instead of learning from your competitors’ mistakes. You’ll be playing a guessing game to try and find out where your competitors are – and you’ll be bidding blind for advertising space.

Improve Your ROI

Improving your advertising ROI with Marketing Intelligence is simple – lower your costs and increase your revenue by optimizing your advertising and marketing campaigns by capitalizing on the knowledge of Marketing Intelligence research. As a smart marketer, you’ll know that you can never compete with mind-blowing amount of information offered by Marketing Intelligence forms. Using all the tools you can is the only way to defy the odds and triumph over the competition.


About AdClarity

AdClarity is a Marketing Intelligence tool which provides online marketers with actionable insights about their competitors’ advertising activities. Driven by big data and proprietary behavioral content discovery technology, AdClarity unveils brands’ campaigns, ad creatives, impressions, and spend data across multiple channels, including Display, Mobile Web, Mobile Apps and Video. Data is collected across 20 geographies and covers over 50M URLs daily while discovering over 40K new campaigns every day. The AdClarity product suite is used by over 7,000 media and advertising professionals globally in Fortune 500 Brands, Agencies, Ad Networks, and Publishers.


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