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Dashboard of the Month: Video Media Strategy Analysis


AdClarity’s new Dashboard of the Month (DOTM) is focusing on the two main verticals of digital video advertising – publishers with video activity and YouTube. The traffic and quality of YouTube channels and video publishers set the overall cost for media buyers and is often correlated with greater engagement and awareness rates. Since prices differ significantly and are subject to Real-Time Bidding, indications on competitors’ video Ad-spend estimations are largely inaccurate and are prone to overpromising.

However, the most important insights are derived from the “How?” – the video media strategy – rather than the “What?” – the exact ad spent. In other words, the crucial question is “Which publishers and YouTube channels are my competitors choosing, and to what extent?

Google allows access for its top 5% of premium inventory to Advertisers who are paying top dollar to buy upfront with Google Preferred. For media buyers, advertising on top channels costs more but also brings higher engagement and awareness rates. Following this Pay more get more approach, media buyers of mega brands are taking up Google’s proposition in droves for improving their digital performance. Similarly, publishers are selling their premium inventory in private marketplaces, by using fixed prices and auctions with limited, high-profile, bidders.

Designing a high-level dashboard of video activity is quite a challenge since media buyers mostly require a tactical tool which would allow them to view real-time activity as a proxy to bid less/more on video ad placements.

With thousands of scanned YouTube channels and video publishers, and unique granularity abilities, we took into consideration various parameters including the tier, the number of competitors using similar video inventory to deploy their campaigns on, the pre/mid/post-rolls placement and the ad-skip option. With these parameters, we designed our top-down Video Media Strategy Analysis Dashboard on this basis.

Before jumping into the challenges our new dashboard is coping with, if you are already willing to experience our new DOTM, simply click here.

First Challenge | Uncovering the tier breakdown

What do I see?  A “tier” view of publishers and YouTube channels. you can view how many ads were scanned on publishers with video activity across premium, mid-tier, long-tail and local sites. In YouTube, you are provided with an equivalent view unveiling a share of top 1% and top 5% channels.

How could it help me? As publishers and YouTube channels are defined by their traffic, a tier perspective serves as a proxy for ad spend and category choosing. By knowing competitors’ emphasis on categories and tiers, you are able to compare your activity to that of your competitors and estimate their dominance in your active verticals.

Second Challenge | What’s the best way to deliver the message?


What do I see? The video ad length and ad-skip ratio. You can view what was the preferred delivery method for a brand, and the diversity level of short and long ads. In addition, you can view how many ads were detected as pre/mid/post-rolls.

How could it help me? In YouTube, promoting a non-skippable ad means spending more. On the other hand, promoting long ads (that are skippable by nature) indicates the brand has confidence in the content it releases. By viewing competitors’ activity, you can define whether short or long ads would work best for you, and choose whether to focus on a certain format or a mix between short and long creatives. Moreover, with the breakdown of pre/mid/post-rolls ads you can identify the “Where” and the “When” of ad placements.

Third Challenge | Which videos to bid more on?

What do I See? The top 20 most popular YouTube videos and channels for all, predefined, competing brands. You can choose the relevant dates to view a unique list of channels and videos, and find the relevant top 20 channels and videos in each category.

How could it help me? Deciding on the right bid is probably the most crucial pain point in the bidding process, since media buyers are, in most cases, unaware to which channels and videos their competitors are widely using to place their campaigns on. Getting a clear view of YouTube activity helps professionals to decide wisely, based on competitive analysis and almost in real-time, how much to bid on popular ad placements.

On April, we will present our New Campaigns Alert dashboard focusing on identifying new campaigns across channels and countries.

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