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Dashboard of the Month: Detect and React to Digital Campaigns


AdClarity’s New Campaigns Alert dashboard is basically a war-room tool allowing you to view the new digital activity of your competitors in different channels and markets. We also call it a Detect-and-React dashboard, since it helps you in detecting new digital activity, and then deciding the proper course of action.

The advantage of TV campaigns data is not obvious on digital media, as campaigns can appear on a countless number of publishers in many variations. Unlike TV or OOH campaigns, digital campaigns contain many call-to-action elements, that are also held by other distributors (retailers, e-commerce sites) that promote your products.

While most marketers are provided with a day-after data to TV campaigns, the long-tail of digital campaigns and their sources that make it almost impossible to track competitors’ activity in real time and choose whether the nest course of action is to respond with a counter promotion or campaign.

Moreover, digital campaigns may contain very important information. For example, they can give vital signals if a campaign is about to run on TV, or alternatively illuminate competitors’ promotional offerings. In some cases, you can even compare how distributors promote you and your competitors’ products.

Let us go over the process of detecting, analyzing and reacting to competitors’ activity.

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First Challenge – Detecting | How to view new digital activity on the local or global scale?

digital activity global local

What do I see? The number of new campaigns detected per territory (Country, US Market), and by the entity type – is signified by the campaign URL owned by the brand (Direct activity) or by the distributor (Indirect activity).

How could it help me? An overview of competitors’ activity. You can pinpoint the geographies that have increased activity, and determine if that activity derives from direct or indirect activity.

Second Challenge – Analyzing | What is my competitors’ direct and indirect strategy?

competitors strategy

What do I see? A comprehensive breakdown of new campaigns across channels to your left, and even more elaborate info on campaigns that are launching, including what are the active channels, you can determine whether it is it a branding or promotions campaign, and on how many publishers it was spotted. You can use the filters to determine the timeframe, with an option to only view only activity for certain brands and countries, and you can choose if you want to view distributors or direct activity. Clicking on each campaign name will redirect you to a top campaign creative and landing page view.

How could it help me? You can analyze how your competitors promote new products or on the verge of rebranding their existing products. The scope of publishers indicates if the campaign is small or relatively significant. You can also view what are the creatives and call-to-actions for a campaign that started running in parallel on traditional media.

Third Challenge – Reacting | How to respond effectively to competitors’ campaigns?

respond to competitors campaigns

What do I see? All activity for a certain territory. You can easily select the territories you are interested in to view in both direct and indirect activity.

How could it help me? After analyzing the commercial offerings, you have the tools to decide how to counteract better your competitors. You can launch your own campaign, adapt your forthcoming campaign to the new offering or encourage one of your distributors to promote a campaign. Either way, you can block your competitors’ major activity immediately with designated campaigns, or at least be aware of the activities made by your competitors.


In May, we will address how publishers can generate leads by viewing competing publishers’ activity on display and mobile.

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