Dashboard of the Month: A New Generation for Lead Generation


After deploying dozens of successful dashboards for international publishers, we are extremely happy to present our Lead Generation dashboard aimed at increasing revenue for publishers.

By combining some basic business principles with AdClarity’s technology, we built modular dashboards that take into consideration the relevant competition and prospects.  The underlying premise is that advertisers are looking for a certain audience when deploying campaigns. In other words, advertisers will choose publishers based on the reach to their desired target audience.

Needless to say, Advertisers are rarely choosing only one publisher for a deployment of the campaign. In fact, there are many equivalents and recognized publishers capturing a similar audience due to the type of content they generate, and advertisers are inclined to distribute their campaigns across such relevant publishers.

However, in the eyes of an advertiser, not all relevant publishers are counted among the favorite ones due to many factors. For that reason, we designed the Publishers Lead Generation dashboard which is set to cope with three main challenges: how to find relevant clients not using my inventory, how to increase the share of wallet among my existing client-base, and how to keep track on advertisers’ activity on a regular basis.

First Challenge| How to reach relevant prospects not using my inventory?

What do I See: Advertisers’ campaigns that were detected on competing publishers and not on your platform. To your left, you get a list of advertisers sorted by the number of ads scanned. Clicking on an advertiser will unfold the share of voice of competing publishers for the advertiser’s activity. Additionally, you can view the creative screenshot to your right.

How could it help me? The combination of advertisers using your competitors’ inventory without using yours indicates a potential client which remained an untapped opportunity. With this dashboard, you can estimate whether some prospects advertise massively with your competition. Then, you can plan on which advertisers you wish to invest resources and draw them to use your inventory.

Second Challenge | How to increase activity among my client-base?

What do I see?  A list of existing advertisers that you own a share of voice that is smaller than 50%. You can view your campaign and overall share of voice for any advertiser you chose.

How could it help me? As a publisher, you are unaware to the share you possess out advertisers’ overall demand. Knowing your position for your current clients, up to the campaign granularity, allows you to approach your client base and offer them to extend activity on your platform.

Third Challenge | How to keep track on clients’ activity?

What do I see? Advertisers’ activity on competing publishers. The percentages on the advertiser list indicate how significant was an advertiser activity on a certain publisher. When you choose specific advertisers, you will get a Share-of-Voice referring only to the advertisers you chose. The charts below provide the daily trending activity, and the filters allow you to choose a certain country, channel, as well as advertisers’ category and delivery method (was it direct or programmatic).

How could it help me? you can view whether a certain advertiser uses your platform consistently when it advertises on competing publishers. Such data can highlight whether an advertiser stopped working with you for a certain period, but still works with your competitors. Also, you can estimate the scope of advertising for each competing publisher relative to yours.

On June, we will present our A/B Testing dashboard focusing in finding your competitors’ most successful creatives for a campaign, and those that did not endure.

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