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Real-Time Bidding for Dummies

Since 2002, when Real-time Bidding (RTB) came into existence, the online advertising industry has been revolutionized. Unlike traditional online display advertising, which proved too inefficient and costly (for all players in the field), Real time bidding shows the right ads to the right people at the right time. The real problem in regards to the […]

What is a Good Behavioral Marketing Strategy?

Behavioral marketing is using customer behaviors to shape your marketing plan in a way that is most effective based on those behaviors – and ultimately increases profit. There are two types of behavioral targeting, network and onsite. Network behavioral targeting builds a general demographic and profile of targeted users. This is like placing an ad […]

Why Choosing the Wrong Proxy Server Could Cost You Your Job!

Alright, let’s get something straight. Think you’re getting a good deal when you’re using that “free” proxy server? (Note: that was sarcasm) Let me tell you something. For a proxy to provide unblocked internet access, a server needs a ton of bandwith to send information back and forth to the user. The thing is that […]

What Is Marketing Intelligence and How Can It Improve Your Advertising?

Marketing Intelligence is a set of tools that can reveal information about how your customers, your competitors, media publishers, and ad networks interact. It’s a lot of data crunched by intelligent software to bring you information to help reduce marketing costs, improve marketing results, and expand your business in new directions. Developing Marketing Intelligence is something best left […]

Is Your Mobile Site Fast Enough? How to Run a Regression Analysis to Find Out

So what’s the big deal about mobile? Like almost anything that gives us pleasure, it’s the instant gratification aspect of it that gets us. With just one click we can order movie tickets, check the weather, check our email, our Facebook… you get the point. But what’s the one thing that really irks us when […]

Using Media Intelligence to Optimize Your ROI

Don’t spend more – spend smart Marketeers are always looking for ways to cut back on their spend. The amount of time and money it takes to plan an effective campaign is enormous. You must go through tons of planning, a/b testing and failures to even find out something as simple as who your real […]

Forget Everything You Know About Beating the Competition

Different is where the money is. In the advertising industry, one of the most fundamental objectives in all businesses is beating your competition. To do this, you must devote an incredible amount of time and energy in understanding who your competitor is, where they are advertising, who their target audience is and pretty much understand […]