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Is Online Gaming in 2015 Going Free?

It’s no surprise that the online gaming industry is growing faster than the ever expanding universe. In fact, it is forecasted that the online gaming industry will reach $81.6 billion by 2016! That being said, you can only imagine that the number of online gaming companies will be flooding the gaming world in the upcoming […]

How to Do a Competitive Marketing Analysis

I promise you that no matter what industry you’re in, everyone has one thing in common. You all have competitors. Now, what does this mean for you? It means that you have to do a whole lot more work to be better than your competitors, but it also mean that you can use your competitors […]

Demand Side Platform for Dummies

What is a DSP? A Demand-Side-Platform (DSP) is a software interface that allows buyers and advertisers to purchase auction-based online advertising; mobile ads, video, and displays through different digital ad exchanges more efficiently. The DSP enables advertisers to manage and optimize online ads for web publishers to buy. This trading system ensures the advertiser the […]

Why Programmatic is the New Secret Ingredient

Programmatic media buying is one of the most exciting things that is happening in the online advertising industry. In fact, according to a recent study done by the IDC, it is believed that programmatic media buying will grow at a rate of 53% per year between 2011 and 2016.[i] Why? Because the traditional way that […]

Target Marketing Strategies: Why You’re Doing it Wrong

Okay. So you’ve come up with a brilliant idea for a product or service and now you’re ready to start marketing it. But before you even begin to jot down the first bullet point for your strategy, you need to nail down who you’re selling to; and this means creating the perfect target marketing strategy. […]

How to Increase Your App Downloads

Ok. So you’ve got this great idea for an app. And you’ve got some people with money to back you up. You’ve built a team of developers, designers, marketers, and one heck of a product team. You’ve followed all the protocols and regulations of Android and iOS and you’re ready to launch. But there is […]

Why Marketing Intelligence is the Key to the Agency’s Success

In today’s digital world, brands are expecting more than ever from their Agencies. They expect not only for ideas and concepts for creatives and campaigns, but also digital marketing strategies that evolve around programmatic buying and to ALWAYS be one step ahead of them. This means knowing what is happening in the industry before the […]

What is Competitive Intelligence in Marketing?

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “competitive intelligence” thrown around and wondered what exactly it meant. Competitive intelligence is simple: it’s the process of collecting data about your environment so you can make the best educated business decisions. The data you collect becomes intelligence you harbor to gain a competitive edge. However, there is much more […]

Ad Exchanges vs. Ad Networks

We’re here to help you navigate the often confusing world of advertising. The current online display ad marketplace is significantly more fragmented and complex compared to the advertising marketplaces of the past. When ads are available on a global scale in a marketplace as big as the internet, mechanisms must come into place to help […]