Adclarity display

AdClarity Display

Whether you need high-level transparency into the complete display advertising ecosystem or a thorough understanding of a specific campaign or a particular competitor, AdClarity Display delivers the information and analysis you need to get ahead.
The actionable insights provided by the system enable you to discover new traffic sources, unveil media initiatives of others, and make informed decisions about your own display activities that will result in expanded reach and increased returns.

AdClarity GeoSurf

Successful digital media professionals must operate in multiple geo-locations to maximize results. But ads and content must be optimized and properly targeted to each market.
AdClarity Surf empowers users through its network of secure and private gateways in hundreds of locations around the world. Now you can easily interact with geotargeted content like a local user does and verify deployment of ad placements, landing pages, and funnels in every location over desktop, mobile, VPN and API.

network of secure and private gateways
Media Intelligence

AdClarity API

Power-up your media intelligence in-house analysis with AdClarity API data tailored to your needs. Fetch tens of millions of campaign and ad data from advertisers, publishers and ad-networks over all geographies.
All data from AdClarity UI can be exported using a state of the art standard RESTful API platform which includes a comprehensive set of models and functions supported by a documentation portal.

AdClarity AppRank

AppRank allows you to track apps in the Google Play and iOS stores and obtain a full review of the app’s trends and changes over time. With AppRank, you can immediately respond to any changes, identify successful trends and rising stars, follow the performance of your mobile campaigns, and even track the advancement of your competitors.

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