What is AdClarity?

AdClarity is a marketing intelligence tool for anyone who works in the online advertising industry. Regardless if you are an Advertiser, Agency, Publisher, or Ad Network, AdClarity provides you with the actionable insights you need to create the best possible digital advertising campaigns for you or your clients.

By uncovering your competitors’ online strategies, you can discover new traffic sources, sites or publishers to work with, see which of them are most successful, find out what the best creatives, landing pages, offerings, and campaigns are, to extend your reach to new target audience and grow your client-base worldwide.

What is Marketing Intelligence?

Marketing Intelligence is the process of gathering all the world’s digital media data and presenting it in a useful and accessible way to allow for better decision making. AdClarity, the leading Marketing Intelligence tool in the online advertising industry, enables you to reveal information about how your customers, your competitors, media publishers, and ad networks interact. It’s a lot of big-data crunched by intelligent software to bring you insights to help reduce advertising costs, improve marketing results, and expand your business in new directions.

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